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Wildlife conservationist

​Trang Nguyen is a wildlife conservationist and research scientist. She is also a founder and director of ​a Vietnamese NGO called WildAct. Born and raised in Vietnam, Trang has always been close to the plight of endangered wildlife and began her conservation efforts when she was just 14. Currently she is working closely with the polices and anti-poaching units in Africa, as well as authorities in Asia to map out the illegal wildlife trade between these two continents.

In 2014, she was immortalized as an online game character to raise awareness about the African rhino crisis and drew more than 2 millions players to the plight of rhino conservation within the first two weeks of the game launch.

In 2018, Trang was awarded as one of the three winners of Future for Nature Award – a well-respected award for wildlife conservationists across the globe. She was also awarded as one of the 30 young influential people under 30 years old by Forbes Vietnam. She published her book “Back to the wilderness” with Nha Nam publisher, about her works on the wildlife crime in Asia and Africa.