TEDxHanoi Membership

Standard membership

PRICE: 1,080,000 VND (46 USD)

If you’d like to attend our conference, you have to buy a conference pass and this year, the conference pass will grant you a membership for even more benefit. Due to limited seating and high demand, membership can be sold out quickly. 


TEDxHanoi 2019 Conference Pass Benefit

1/ A full-day stage program with 12-14 live speakers with expertise in the fields of business, education, research, tech and the arts. 3 theater sessions (105 mins each) with 4-5 talks and 2 performances.

TEDxHanoi Membership

2/ Complementary lunch of healthy food to inspire ideas and conversation.

TEDxHanoi Membership

3/ TEDxHanoi gift bag including sweets, treats and vouchers from the TEDxHanoi organizers and our partners.

TEDxHanoi Membership

4/ Hanoi’s finest and brightest all together in one room – an unparalleled networking opportunity. Exploring all the our interesting booths and exhibitions in our 800mnetworking room, enjoy our coffee and snacks during tea-break. 

TEDxHanoi Membership

5/ Free traveling to the venue from Times city. Detailed information about traveling to venue will be sent to attendee via email. This is the first thing you can do on the day of the event to connect to your fellow TEDxHanoi attendees.

TEDxHanoi Membership

TEDxHanoi 2019 membership benefit

This is the benefit you will get before and after the day of the event since our goal is to build a community from 2019.

1/ TEDxHanoi Viewing Party of TED2019 at L’Espace Hanoi on April 20, 2019 (tentative date): Joining our viewing party to watch TED2019 live stream from Vancouver for free.

TEDxHanoi Membership

2/ TEDxHanoi attendee workshop (May): Joining to learn how we organized the event, to learn about public speaking…

TEDxHanoi Membership

Online Facebook networking: Have access to join our Facebook group with other attendees, speakers and organizers. Attendees meetups are created in this group and only valid email can join the group. All event from this group will be free for TEDxHanoi members.

TEDxHanoi Membership


1/ TEDxYouth@Hanoi June 2019 at UNIS Hanoi is not a part of the membership so you will still have to follow the instruction to join the event.

2/ Once you buy the membership, you will receive an QR code from Ticketbox and a confirmation email from us. Please save it to claim your member card at the event. 

3/ The membership is tied with your email address so you cannot re-sell the QR code. If you cannot make it to the event, please let us know by email to us at TEDxHanoi2018@gmail.com no later than Jan 12, 2019 so we can arrange to save your membership to our next event or pass it to the waiting list.

Hotline: 0968 246 155 (Long Le)