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Dance group

Swing Dance Hanoi is a community of dancers that dance the original form of partnered swing dancing…the LINDY HOP!

Lindy Hop is a highly “improvisable” dance which requires a balanced and dynamic connection and trust between the leader and the follower. The dance has its basic “moves”, however, they are often “improved-on” and lead by the leader. The follower in-turn would respond to this “lead” based on her/his own interpretation of it. The dynamics of the dance provide each dancer the freedom to be creative on their own and then come together when required. Today’s Lindy Hop presentation is of two fold. The first segment is choreographed and shows the “basics”. The second segment is completely improved and unrehearsed. As each couple takes the spot light the dance is lead and followed each step of the way; including when two leaders dance with each other alternatively taking the role of leading and following.

SDH currently conducts regular classes and a weekly dance “Lindy Wednesday” at Hanoi Rock City.

Swing dance Hanoi