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Marmalade Fish CEO

​Samie Al-Achrafi is recognized as one of the top ten global thought leaders on values and culture. His message inspires people to become the best version of themselves, imparting practical habits and tools to effect purposeful change. Samie is the author of 'Values: Creating, Aligning and Embedding Values in Organizations' and ‘Culture: a Guide to Organizational Blind Spots and Culture Change’. Samie's career spans 6 continents, working with governments and organizations around the world to create high performance cultures underpinned by values. As CEO of Marmalade Fish, Samie leads a team of Associates on an adventure to redefine leadership in business and reach 1 million people by 2020. He was named Most Visionary Business Transformation CEO in the Global CEO Excellence 2018 awards and voted Game Changer of the Year by ACQ Global Awards 2018.