Submitting your idea

The TEDxHanoi team looks for great ideas–and great speakers–all year round. You can help us by nominating a topic or idea that you want to hear about. You can also nominate a great speaker to share this idea.

Speakers do not need to be famous, wealthy or highly successful. However, we do look for the following attributes:

  • a great idea worth sharing to the TEDxHanoi audience 
  • the credibility to share this idea effectively 
  • sufficient English language ability to share their idea with an international audience
  • commitment to working with our curation team to craft and deliver a great talk

Previous experience of public speaking is not essential, but does help. 

A few notes: 

  • You can nominate as many different ideas as you’d like. 
  • This form is not just for our next event, it’s for years to come. If your idea doesn’t fit our next event’s theme, we will keep your submission on file for future events. 
  • Due to the volume of nominations, we are not able to respond to each submission. 
  • Our curation team will contact you via email if we think that your idea has potential for our upcoming event.