Nguyen Bao Chau

Film maker

Nguyen Bao Chau is the founder and director of LumiQueer, a non-profit organization based in Hanoi with aims to develop of Queer cinema in Vietnam and to encourage personal stories told through filming, writing or painting or any other forms of art. Therefore, it will help to raise Queer awareness of people and contribute to building a free, equal and diversity-respectful country.

LumiQueer, founded 3 years ago (in 2017), is initially known as Hanoi International Queer Film Week. It is the first and only Queer Film Festival to be held legally in Vietnam. As well, it is a member of the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance (APQFFA).

Chau has been working as an LGBT activist for the last 4 years, since 2016. His attempts and works focus mostly on community development, gender identities, and reducing gender-based/ sexual orientation discrimination and violence.

Currently, he is also an independent filmmaker and a student majoring in Movie Directing at Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema, Vietnam.