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Positive Deviance Co-founder

Monique Sternin is the co-founder of the Positive Deviance (PD) Approach & Initiative, and Adjunct Associate professor, at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Boston, USA..

Over the past 28 years, Monique has been involved in developing and promoting the Positive Deviance Approach, an asset-based method to solve complex problems requiring behavior and social change which she pioneered with her late husband Jerry Sternin in Viet Nam in the 1990s. She teaches about the PD approach at a variety of universities in the US and consults for UN organizations and INGOs interested in applying the PD approach to complex problems requiring behavior and social change

The PD approach has been used successfully in a variety of sectors including global health (childhood malnutrition in over 45 countries, maternal & newborn care and polio eradication in Pakistan, anemia prevention & eradication in adolescent girls in India, , condom negotiation and usage by commercial sex workers in Myanmar), health care in US hospitals. It also has been used in child protection with advocacy against Female Genital Cutting in Egypt, girl trafficking in Indonesia and more recently in women issues such as advocacy against corruption in Ecuador & domestic violence in Moldova. In business, the PD approach has made inlays into a variety of organization behavior issues in Japan, Mexico and US to name a few.

With her deceased husband, Jerry Sternin, and Richard Pascale, she co-authored the book entitled “The Power of Positive Deviance: how unlikely innovators solved intractable problems” published by Harvard Business publishers in June 2010.

She has co-authored many articles on the use of the PD approach.