Madam Dam Bich Thuy[spacer height=”-30px”]

Founding President of Fulbright University Vietnam

​In September 2016, Trust of University Innovation in Vietnam appointed Ms. Thuy chief executive officer of Fulbright University Vietnam Corp., the entity which will operate Fulbright University Vietnam, the first private, nonprofit, American-style university in Vietnam. In January 2017, she was elected to be the founding President of Fulbright University Vietnam.

Ms. Thuy received a BA from the University of Hanoi and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating from university in Hanoi, she co-founded a private foreign investment consultancy firm.

In 1994, Ms. Thuy was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue graduate education in the U.S. In 1996, she graduated from Wharton School of Business and joined ANZ Singapore to help set up ANZ’s investment banking business in Asia.

She held a number of positions in Singapore, including director of project finance for oil and gas and chief of ANZ’s resources practice for the whole of Asia, then was appointed General Manager of ANZ Vietnam in 2005, making her the first Vietnamese national to lead an international bank’s operations in Vietnam. 

Ms. Thuy believes passionately in the transformative power of education. Her conviction that Vietnam’s future will largely be determined by the quality of the learning opportunities available to the Vietnamese people motivated her to embark on a second career in higher education.

Utilizing the leadership and management she gained in the private sector, she is determined to make Fulbright University Vietnam a world class academic institution and a bridge between Vietnam and the United States and the international community.