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Career Strategist

Laura E.P. Sheehan – Career Strategist and Founder of E.P. Career Strategies
Laura is a U.S. lawyer turned expat career strategist who stumbled upon her life’s calling whilst living in Hanoi.  Having decided years ago to accompany her husband in his international career moves, Laura has lived in seven countries over the span of 15 years.  The regular and frequent moves required that Laura find creative ways to continue her professional development. Mere weeks into her time in Hanoi, Laura seized upon a new opportunity to utilize her experiences to empower the wider global community of “trailing spouses.” In the two short years that she has been in Vietnam, she has successfully made a full transition into the role of a global career strategist.  She now serves hundreds of clients in the East Asia Pacific region in their individual endeavors to find and create international employment opportunities.  Laura was recently recognized by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) as a top nominee for the 2017 “Champion of Career Enhancement for Eligible Family Members (CCE-EFM)” Award and was featured in the AAFSW’s January 2018 edition of Global Link. In March of 2018, Laura was interviewed for a podcast on “Thriving Abroad” wherein she spoke about the joys and challenges of creating a portable profession.  Outside of her work, Laura co-founded a monthly speaker series and professional development group in Hanoi called “Empowering Perspectives.” Now more than 80 members strong, the Empowering Perspectives initiative is truly living up to its name, inspiring attendees to take a new look at how to find their place and thrive in a global community.
laura sheehan