Ho Quoc Anh


Quoc Anh, a student from British Vietnamese International School Hanoi, is an aspiring artist. As an artist, he believes in freedom of expression and highly regards his role as an artist is to inspire and provoke people’s thoughts through his artworks. His inspirations when it comes to art are street artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Jamie Reid. Their grittiness and provocations whether subtle or in your face has pushed his artistry further and made him the artist that he is today through his use of mixed media and other unconventional executions. His current project, the art exhibition titled ‘Being An Artist’ seeks to explore the idea that artists are here to reflect life through the lens of passionate student artists like him. Quoc Anh is an outspoken individual and he’s not going to be shy from anything. That’s why he’s very excited to speak at TEDxYouth@Hanoi to tell his own story.