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Ha Khanh Phuong is a 9th grader from Hanoi who has always been interested in psychology and fantasy. That said, her biggest dream is to be a lawyer, and she believes that by combining her two interests — she would become a successful lawyer who changes people’s mind positively from different perspectives of their life. Since 6th grade, Phuong has been joining different debate and speaking contests, where she is given the opportunity to perform her hidden abilities and improve her self-confidence. In 2017, Phuong became one of the youngest contestants in EF Challenge (Speaking competition) final round, won a national debate prize at the beginning of 2018, and recently with her team, became winners in Global Champions. In this TedX event, Phuong shares about her worries on how artificial light pollution can stop future generations from observing stars and reaching their dreams, as well as why stars and dreams are important at first place.

Ha Khanh Phuong