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​Douglas Holwerda has worked as an American trained psychotherapist (Mental Health Counselor) in Hanoi since 2011 at Family Medical Practice. Douglas started his career as a teacher with students from 5 th grade to 8 th grade, before gaining a master’s degree in counseling psychology and working as a psychotherapist since 1996. His early experience was working in a high school-based teen health center in Seattle, Washington. He also worked at Shepherd’s Counseling Services which offers therapy for adults who had experienced childhood sexual abuse. In Vietnam, Douglas continues to see clients, teen- age and older, who are dealing with a variety of issues. Douglas believes that psycho-therapy is a process that brings about healing and involves self-discovery and acceptance.

Douglas feels fortunate to do the work he does but insists that what is equally important is what he does outside of work. He believes that creativity and the creative process are lubricants of a self-actualizing person. He has been involved in “Creative Play” groups since 1996. He paints, writes, sings, dances, chants and plays as a way of engaging life. “It helps me face my inhibitions, open up to spontaneous choices, to be fully present to the moment…and to have fun”.