Dang Hoang Giang

Author/Social Activist

Dr. Dang Hoang Giang is an expert in development, social activist and author of political commentaries. His research and advocacy activities aim to improve the quality of national governance, transparency and to support the voice of the people. He strives to expand civil society space, disseminate knowledge, break down prejudices and stigma; and build a tolerant and compassionate society.

Dang Hoang Giang graduated in Computer Science from the University of Technology, Ilmenau, Germany and has a Ph.D. in development economics from Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He is author of four books: “Bức xúc không làm ta vô can”, “Thiện, Ác và Smartphone”, “Điểm đến của cuộc đời”, “Tìm mình trong thế giới hậu tuổi thơ”; as well as a number of influential essays.