Early bird[spacer height=”-30px”]

Price: 880,000 VND (39 USD)[spacer height=”-30px”]

Available from April 2nd to May 1st

Standard[spacer height=”-30px”]

Price: 1,080,000 VND (48 VND)[spacer height=”-30px”]

Available from May 2nd to May 26th


Q: How do I collect my badge?
A: After buying the conference pass we will send you a confirmation email. Use that email to check in and get your pass on the day of the event.
Q: What happen if I don’t upload my photo?
A: Your photo helps our security team to check you in faster
Q: I bought a pass but for some reason I cannot attend the event, can I transfer my pass to someone else?
A: Yes you can, but you have to make the transfer before May 26th. Each individual is asked to provide photo when buying the conference pass so to transfer your ticket to a new holder, please email us at TEDxHanoi2018@gmail.com and our registration team will assist you to transfer.